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in pursuit of God's best - a life of Ultimate Wellness of Body, Soul & Spirit!

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About Ultimate Wellness Ministries & Events

When invited, Ultimate Wellness Ministries travels with up to eight local speakers to teach foundational truths for healthy living from a Christ-centered perspective including sessions on spiritual wellness, transformed thinking, toxicity, exercise, nutrition, releasing stress God's way, relaxing with massage and how to develop a wellness plan.

The Ultimate Wellness event is a full day workshop that provides life-changing information, tips, and hands-on experiences that inspire, motivate and empower one to live ultimately well in Body, Soul and Sprit. Participants will discover the secret of being ultimately well - connecting the dots.

A natural chef provides a nutritious, real-food lunch and food preparation demonstration.

In addition to the catered lunch and practical teaching, participants enjoy healthy snacks and  receive a resource booklet.  Events, unless otherwise stated, are open to the public and are for both men and women. Spots fill up fast.

For more information, watch the video below, check out the photo story from a past event, and read about our featured speakers. Links to register and to download and print promotional materials can be found in the column to the right two months prior to events.


Ultimate Wellness Events

Recent Event

Will be taking requests for future events soon.

To listen to Wendy's radio interview on "Sundays with Sonnewald" which aired Oct 6, 2013. Click Link below: http://www.sonnewald.org/assets/audio/radioshow/sundays_with_sonnewald_wendy_stauffer_staying_the_course.mp3


Check out the photo story from past event

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More information about our speakers . . .

 Click on the highlighted links to be directed to each speaker's website.


Founder, Ultimate Wellness Ministries, Wendy's Cancer Journey .  Wendy will speak on "The Secret of Being Well."

Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher, Kelley Latta Ministries.  Kelley will speak on "The POWER to Connect Your Dots." 

Co-Owner of Sonnewald Natural Foods; Radio Host, Sundays with Sonnewald.  Willa will speak on "Staying Well in a Toxic World." 
Registered Dietician, L.D.N. Nutrition Coach, Abundant Life Wellness and Optimal WellnessMichelle will speak on "Clean Eating"  Natural Foods Chef and Owner of Whirled Peas Health Supportive Culinary Education and Catering.  Lisa will be Cooking Outside the Box in her Food Demonstration.  



Licensed Massage Therapist, PMI Medical Massage Therapy School, Willi will focus on Relaxing with Massage.


Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Carrie will be giving Five minute Fitness Tips throughout the day.